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History of Farmasi.

Turkey's way to becoming the largest direct sales company in the health and cosmetics industry,the foundation of the success story,starting with the first time in 1950 to produce the first devoted himself to science and medicine with Dr. Cevdet tuna.

Dr.C.Tuna,made his return to Turkey after Goethe Institute of MedicalEducation in Germany and he was founded Tan Laboratory,in 1950.After producing hundreds of different formulas,he established Tan Ecza Deposu to supply chemical raw materials to 14,000 pharmacists.

Dr.C.Tuna entered the cosmetics and personalcare sector in 1985 with his son Hakan Tuna.Tan-Aiize Cosmetics, which continues its presence in the sector by producing liquid products and with great success in exports,continued to grow with additional investments.

In 2003,Farmasi and Dr.C. Tuna brand was born. In 2010,Farmasi became the first in the export market and switched to direct sales.In the direct sales channel it took place in the first row at Turkey market.


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